More than
just an employer

At AEGIR-Marine, we want to be different, make this world a better place, and have fun while we are doing it.

Our journey to the
B-Corp Movement

We have expressed our wish to measure the impact we have on the environment and improve (reduce) our footprint where possible (a zero-measurement). As we learned more about this subject, we decided go further than just environmental impact and carbon footprint; the zero-measurement of our global impact has therefore been based on the 17 sustainability goals of the UN. These goals include:

  • Economic impact
  • Social impact
  • Environmental impact

The most important part of the initiative is that we want (and need) to improve our “Benefit Impact Assessment”, which is a tool that measures our sustainability performance . We have therefore embarked on a journey, which is called the B- Corp Movement.

Why have we set ourselves
this goal?

  • We want to do what is right
  • We would like to be leading by example in contributing to a more sustainable world.
  • We would like to remain an attractive employer.

We are improving the social, environmental, and economic impact we have on the world.

We care about

We believe in the future – and that means caring for the environment in any way we can. We have taken various measures to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. At our offices, for example, we have a large number of solar panels installed, we use geothermal energy to heat and cool our offices and workshop and we are heading for paperless work. Although we try to limit the number of flights we take as much as possible, we have to admit that our footprint from air travel is still big.

Corporate social

Corporate Social Responsibility is a subject that we care about a lot. Every year, we donate part of our profits to charity. To this end, our CSR committee uses the criteria in the allocation of funds.

  • Involve young people.
  • Have a start and an end.
  • Be open to more involvement. We want to feel committed.
  • Provide a better future.
  • The receiving partner has to join in and put effort into the project too.

Examples of projects we have worked on include building a school in Gambia, and repair and maintenance work on the hospital ship Africa Mercy.

Research &

AEGIR-Marine is a company that believes in constant innovation. We are always looking forward; looking for ways to improve our service, methods and products. Striving to improve the customer experience.

That’s why we set up our own Research & Development department with state-of-the-art laboratory and research centre. Working in close collaboration with technical universities, our primary R&D goals are to gain in-depth knowledge about our products and their behaviour in real-world situations. We perform dynamic and static test benches, and the latest data analysis software to achieve this.

Our research into the properties and chemical behaviour of stern tube seals, bio-lubricants and other materials allows us to improve existing products while also developing new products.
By researching the optimum performance of any stern tube sealing system, we want to increase the lifespan of our products. Knowing the behaviour of the materials also allows us to predict the lifespan of stern tube seals more precisely, saving ship owners time and money.

We are constantly searching for new systems to meet the future demands of sustainable shipping. This gives our R&D programmes environmental and regulatory relevance. Our work takes into account environmental regulations for the American and EU markets, as well as the maritime industry’s increased awareness of the importance of reducing its environmental footprint.

To this end, our R&D has three main ambitions:

Longer lifespan of systems and parts Researching the optimum performance of our products helps us to increase their lifespan.
Reduced environmental impact Our R&D activities take enable ship-owners to reduce their environmental impact.
Compliance with (future) regulations We are developing new systems to meet the future demands of a sustainable shipping industry.

World Class

AEGIR-Marine has been named World-class Workplace 2022, an excellence-in-employership label awarded on an annual basis to high performing organizations. AEGIR-Marine is an organization where no effort is spared to maintain and increase engagement among current and future employees, with the awarding of this label merely endorsing their commitment.